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What is BMEcat?

BMEcat is a standard for exchanging product catalog data. It was developed to simplify the procedure of product data exchange between suppliers and customers. The ETIM International recommends the BMEcat standard as the exchange format for classified product data. It is the most common exchange format within the ETIM countries.

The BMEcat standard is based on the internet standard XML (Extensible Markup Language). Thanks to this widely accepted format there is no need for special individual solutions for different customers with regard to (multi-media) publishing. What’s more, the BMEcat standard counts as one of the most strongly accepted formats for e-business to date. To ensure international uniformity whilst taking into account country specific regulations, ETIM International releases updates of its BMEcat guidelines whenever needed. Please be advised that in some countries specific national formats are still custom as sector standard, whether or not in addition to BMEcat.


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